Sourcing management solutions for manufacturers in the Québec SME sector

Did you know that most SMEs waste thousands of dollars every year in inefficient sourcing without even knowing it?

  • Business owners know that to be competitive, their production operations need to remain cost effective and efficient at all times.
  • This requires sourcing materials and services at the right costs, streamlining the supply chain, and even introducing new technologies or equipment to increase productivity and quality. 
  • But bringing these projects into reality, while giving the necessary attention to the day-to-day hurdles may seem difficult and  overwhelming to business owners of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Experts agree that the most important component of a cost efficient and productive company is a solid sourcing and procurement operation, but business owners and SME’s often do not have the time, expertise or network to make things happen. 

You are not alone!

At Actiona International, we have come together to put several decades of sourcing and procurement knowledge and our global network at the service of thousands of Québec SMEs.

Contact us for a free 30-minute exploratory call.  We can assure you that this will not be a traditional sales call, but rather, an opportunity for you to get to know us better, and for us to listen to your ideas and discern how we can add value to your company’s vision. .

you are our purpose!


Our PURPOSE is to help SME’s and business owners achieve their cost and productivity goals through the effective implementation of sourcing and procurement solutions.  



More than just finding a supplier, we listen with empathy to your organization’s challenges and objectives, identify and document your materials, services or equipment needs, and utilize our experience and global network, to identify the latest trends in prices, quality, delivery and technology.  This allows us to provide comprehensive information that our clients use to make informed and cost effective decisions. Contact us for a free 30-minute exploratory call to discuss how a sourcing study could breath new possibilities into your business strategy.

Whether you need a one time equipment purchase and delivery, or an ongoing flow of materials or services to keep your operations running efficiently, we can work together with you and your team in short, mid or long term basis, to streamline your supply chain by implementing policies and best practices that really contribute to the productivity and cost efficiency of your operations and that of your suppliers.  Contact us for a free 30-minute exploratory call and let’s discuss about the transformative power of streamlined procurement for SMEs.

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Foster a working environment where our clients, suppliers and partners feel valued and confident to contribute in achieving the objectives.


Honesty and confidentiality are expected in our business, Transparency is a plus that means "being seen as we are," not having other agenda that providing value.

Result Oriented

Aim to see the clearest and most efficient way to reach our client's goals. Understanding risks, resolving problems and providing accountability to continue moving forward.

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Stay up to date on technological advancements and quality standards in our clients' industries, to provide them with comprehensive solutions for their projects.


Look at every project and every task that we embark with empathy and genuine curiosity, striving to see how technology and creativity can offer new ways to improve human lives.

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We are strategically located in the outskirts of Montreal, from where we can work with clients located all around the region.

Likewise, our services can be effectively delivered remotely, and due to our multicultural background and global experience, we enjoy working with clients and suppliers located within the entire Quebec Region, Canada and the world.

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